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Top 10 Food Ordering and Delivery Tech Solution Companies - 2021

As the food and beverage industry continues to experience the full force of digital revolution, restaurants are looking to thrive in a hypercompetitive market and enhance the dining experience for customers. New food ordering technology trends are drastically spurred on, with restaurants demanding greater efficiency, versatility, and profitability.

Restaurants are embracing voice-activated food ordering technology in order to attract millennial generations and tech-savvy consumers seeking increased convenience. At the same time, contactless food ordering apps and systems are becoming the new norm in today's post-COVID world. Restaurants are investing in developing their own integrated online platforms and apps that enable customers to order food directly from them. At the same time, restaurants are tapping into the potential of social media to redefine the way customers order food online. Customers can now order food by merely tweeting an emoji of their favorite food.

As such, the technological progressions in the arena are opening up a universe of new possibilities for food ordering companies to develop and introduce innovative solutions. This implies that restaurants looking for companies providing robust food ordering companies have a plethora of options to choose from.

To make this task easier and assist leaders in identifying the right food ordering companies, Food and Beverages Tech Review presents to you, "Top 10 Food Ordering Companies 2021." A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, Analysts, and the Food and Beverages Tech Review editorial board has selected the most promising food ordering companies. In our selection process, we looked at the company's offerings, core competency, news/press releases, client testimonials, milestones, and other recognition.

    Top Food Ordering and Delivery Tech Solution Companies

  • ARBA Retail Systems is a leading POS systems and inventory management software provider. The company offers Online Ordering and Self-Service Kiosks, integrated with contactless payment methods for various food services locations, including cafeterias and coffee bars. ARBA's solutions help companies save time and increase revenue, and most importantly, keep the customers and employees safe. The company's arsenal of solutions includes POS, inventory control, and cafeteria and coffee bar management systems with employee payroll deductions, accounts receivable, draw-down accounts, credit & debit card processing, gift cards, and customer loyalty programs.

  • App2Food


    The initial beginnings of APP2FOOD were rooted in a passion for good food and great restaurants. This is how App2Food began. They are adamant that all restaurants, regardless of size, should have access to cutting-edge technology that enables them to adapt to today's digital environment. The integrated capabilities of App2Food enable guest, the restaurant, to concentrate on what they do best: providing amazing food and experiences for their customers.

  • CafeTech


    CafeTech Systems enables restaurants to begin accepting online orders in a simple and cost-effective manner. CafeTech understands how critical it is to connect with the customers online. They make it simple and affordable for restaurants to begin accepting online orders. Online orders are more efficient and accurate than traditional phone orders. This will save business time and money, as well as safeguard business from costly errors. They 've developed a hands-off system that runs on its own - and, best of all, we take care of everything necessary to get you up and running. Thier consumers will appreciate the ability to place orders online. Their rewards programme enables users to earn points on every order, which encourages them to place additional orders. Additionally, they can invite their friends, family, and coworkers via their unique referral programme.

  • e|tab


    eTab is a consumer technology firm that develops computer platforms that interface with the point-of-sale systems of its users. Internationally, eTab, Inc. is a consumer technology company. It offers eTab, a touch screen computer and technology platform that interfaces with existing point-of-sale systems to allow consumers to place food and beverage orders straight from the tablet without having to locate their server and pay with a credit card swipe. The company’s eTab is a self-service technological device that enables clients to order at their table via a portable, Web-enabled, and interactive touch screen computer. It operates casual dining restaurants, hospitality establishments, bars, and airport restaurants. eTab, International Inc. was formerly known as Barmedia, Inc. until December 2001, when it changed its name to eTab, International Inc. The business was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.

  • iMenuToGo


    They provide comprehensive point-of-sale integration with a variety of platforms, including Dinerware, Micros, Harbortouch Hospitality, and others. Their orders will integrate smoothly with the platform and preferred payment gateway. There will be no more missed orders, employee error, or order data loss. Create a functional ordering environment.

  • OrderBotz


    Orderbot, like the majority of software, was built out of necessity and hard lessons. A customer's reliance and faith in a key member of staff who ran the order desk were destroyed when they abruptly left without warning. In the end, it turned out that the real problem wasn’t a faithless employee but rather a very frustrating job. This was further evidenced by the fact that this wasn’t the first person in the position to throw their hands up and walk out.

  • OrderPal Australia

    OrderPal Australia

    OrderPal lets you create and send promo codes & offers to your customers to encourage them to place orders. The Platform has No monthly fee. No long term contract fee and hidden cost. Their philosophy is you don’t need to pay if OrderPal doesn’t generate revenue for your business.

  • Patronpath


    Patronpath enables restaurants of all sizes to offer online and mobile ordering directly from their own websites and to engage with their customers online and on-the-go. They partner and are integrated with technologies that restaurant operators care about to help efficiently run business operations. These include technologies across email marketing, text marketing, loyalty, payment systems, app development, call center, and compliance – to name a few.

  • Pizzamico


    A web-based startup that assists independent pizzerias. Online ordering system that is fully administered by restaurants, for restaurants. They take the orders; customers responsible for the meal.

  • TableUp


    TableUp is a Boston-based firm that specialises in restaurant loyalty and marketing solutions. TableUp is a unified platform that allows restaurants to provide a seamless guest experience across multiple touchpoints. 

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